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When you open your Santa Maria rental home to renters, you might be unprepared for what it takes to be a self-managing landlord. You’ll need to conduct a tenant screening, collect the rent on time, attend to maintenance issues, handle conflicts and complaints, and on top of that, make sure that your financial records and accounting are organized!

Luckily, Kilpelainen Property Management is fully aware of the struggles faced by landlords, especially new ones. We manage single-family and multi-family properties in California. We are dedicated to our clients and have years of experience in the Santa Maria rental market.

Under our expert management, you get to own a rental property without taking care of the day-to-day responsibilities yourself. We deal with all of the complexities that come with property management so you can have peace of mind knowing your investment property is in good hands.

Kilpelainen Property Management also works at retaining your renters by setting up efficient systems for rent collection and property maintenance. We want to make it easier for the renters to request property maintenance or inform us about their property concerns. We also make it convenient for them to pay rent on time.

We understand that each rental property is different and has unique needs. We work on creating customizable services for each of our clients. Owning and taking care of a rental property is a huge investment, we understand that firsthand. We’re a family-owned business dedicated to open communication and trust.

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Contact Kilpelainen Property Management today! We can’t wait to work with you.

Our Property Management Services

When you work with us, you can take advantage of a variety of services. We will advertise your vacant units, screen prospective tenants, handle property maintenance and repair, collect the rent promptly, and perform regular property inspections.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits you gain as our client:

Marketing of Your Rental Property

To help manage vacancies in your Santa Maria rental property, Kilpelainen Property Management ensures it’s clean and ready before scheduling any property viewings. We also help increase the exposure of your rental by designing eye-catching ads that attract a wide pool of prospective tenants.

We advertise offline as well and put up professional signage to find more potential renters. We always use professional photos of the property and highlight the unique features of your property to keep residents interested.

Tenant Screening Process

We take tenant screening seriously. Having responsible renters in your property is one of the best things you can do as a landlord. We know that responsible tenants means less property damage and consistent rental income.

We do a thorough background check of each applicant. We conduct pre-screening and contact prior landlords to make an informed decision. Analyzing the finances of the potential tenant is also part of our process, including doing employment verification.

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We also look into each tenant’s background. Our tenant screening process is consistent and we’re careful to adhere to all fair housing laws.

Rent Collection

We do away with the old and time-consuming rent collection method of knocking on doors every month. We use online methods that allow tenants to skip the trip to the bank and save more time, making rent payments easier for both sides.

This way, property owners are able to promptly receive their monthly income regularly and proceed to allocate the returns for rental improvements or to increase their property portfolio.

Property Repairs & Maintenance

To keep your renters loyal, you need to keep your Santa Maria rental property in good conditions. Kilpelainen Property Management offers our full support in performing consistent inspections, and arranging necessary repairs with our long-time network of vendors.

We’re quick to resolve property emergencies and maintain a safe and healthy environment for your renters. All property issues are addressed no matter how minor, ensuring peace of mind for you. We also take care of the renters’ requests for property maintenance using an efficient system.

Detailed Financial Reporting

Monitoring the performance of your Santa Maria rental home is easy with Kilpelainen Property Management sending regular financial reports and monthly statements. You can review your profit and costs, and consider your renovation projects, based on the numbers provided by the accurate reports released to you.

About Santa Maria, California

Santa Maria is located in Santa Barbara County in the Central Coast of California. With its mediterranean climate, residents stay relatively warm all year long. Like much of this part of California, Santa Maria has gorgeous landscapes to offer its residents. Waller Park has over 150 acres of green grass, playgrounds, and hiking trails.

The city also has notable food, wine and arts scenes. Santa Maria is an agricultural hub for grapes and strawberries in California, and there’s even a Strawberry Festival every year. Santa Maria also has a style of barbecue that is unique to the area, so there’s lots of good food to enjoy here.

With it’s mild climate, abundance of outdoor space, and great food and wine, Santa Maria is a great place to own a rental property. Give Kilpelainen Property Management a call today, we can’t wait to work with you!

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